Football Freestyle & Success Wisdom Around It

Impressed seeing some friends with their freestyle football (soccer) tricks? Like a show off. Look so easy yet for some, it is very difficult to master. Football freestyle is not about the kicks but kind of muscle memory training. The trick to master it is not by train hard but TRAIN SMART. Like a baby learn to walk, football freestyle requires repetitive training, muscle MEMORY TRAINING (like brainstroming) in action. It is not that muscle have memory, but to train your specific memory that exist for the muscle. Sometimes we train some football freestyle trick for weeks but not succeed anyway. It is not that we can't, but because we train wrong. We need to CHANGE TACTIC. Watched 'Football Overload' cool football freestyle cinematography? They master it (the freestyle) because they found the QUALITY TRAINING over quantity.

Football Overload Freestyle Malaysia

Street Football Freestyle Malaysia

"Everyone loses games. Few change them."
- Nike
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