Trend: People Loves Pricey Food

Samudra Exotic River Fish Restaurant made famous because of RM17,017 bill they charge on VIPs for 10 Patin Buah (26kg/fish) and 50 Udang Galah (39kg/lobster prawn). If 20 persons there, that is RM850 per person for simple lunch meal. It is either people can afford more and seek for new high-priced boundaries or restaurant owner now much daring pursuing top profit. In the other hand, local public hospital always serve pale and no taste at all food/fish. When patients complaint, doctors easily dodge by rationalize the nutrients on seafood as quite similar no matter their price are.. Expensive cuisine, is not something you need yet most of us willing to pay for the behavior of always lured to something expansive. In psychological wold of brain (feeling good problem!), when it comes to free product and paid for premiums, people tend to pay and throw away the free for no reason.

Samudra Exotic Fish

Ikan Patin Buah Samudra Exotic Fish

Hawker food

"Nothing look as good as healthy feels."
- Anonymous
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