KLIA2 Start Operations On May 2 2014

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is giving a green nod to Malaysia's LCCT replacement, KLIA2 to start operations on May 2 2014.

KLIA2 Aerial Map View

Low cost terminal KLIA2 received major scrutinizes before by various people including Air Asia Group CEO Tony Fernandes for longer than expected construction time, cracking runways due to Kuala Lumpur known silt ground below the base and the building construction price tag that end-up doubled to RM4billion than the original proposed RM2billion.

Everything is done now, and new KLIA2 is obviously been built for the future. Accommodating up to 13 million air passengers per year. With three distinctive segmented complexes.
- Car parks
- GATEWAY@KLIA shopping mall
- Main airport terminal / tarmac

About the future, MAHB is now thinking to increase airport surcharge.

KLIA2 KLIA2 Aerial Map View

Video below telling you ins and outs of KLIA2, four levels of Malaysia 2nd international airport, designed to be the world's largest dedicated to low cost carrier air terminal.

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