Top 5 Active Ustaz In Malaysia

Ustaz (Islamic preacher) seems phenomenal lately. With the use of youtube and social media, it is easier find audience in spreading religios message. But in Malaysia, learning Islam must be fun and casual or else nobody want it. Enough intro, here are top five famous Ustaz in Malaysia year 2014. Sorted by popularity and what Ustaz/ Ustazah does. 1. Ustaz Azhar Idrus (UAI) - Celebrity type ustaz with kiddo target Youtube audience. 2. Ustaz Kazim Elias (KE) - Love and relationship Astro Maya HD in Islam. 3. Dr Asri (MAZA) - Islamic talk on national interest and political review. 4. Prof Dr. Muhaya - Motivational Islamic speaker IkimFM and college student. 5. Ustaz Don Daniyal - Casual Islamic learning TV AlHijrah focused more on improving Ibadah. In learning Islam, one must be sincere to self, reduce ego/ down to earth, look for positive inputs (not negative), not haram haram haram, and learn the joy of knowledge sharing.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus family

Ustaz Azhar Idrus Ustaz Don Casual

Bahagia Membahagiakan Prof Muhaya

"Kita selalu ingat yang jodoh itu rahsia Allah, tapi kita selalu lupa yang mati itu juga rahsia Allah."
- Ustaz Azhar Idrus
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