Expensive Water of Langat 2 Dam

When water is limited, there are only two answers. 1. To reduce non-revenue water (NRW) currently at 32.3 percent (worse 42.78% in 2005) and 2. To add new water from other source like Pahang (Langat 2 Project). Langat 2 project requires 8.9 billion, managed by not-to-be-trusted SYABAS (once paid RM5.1million/year for the CEO). Selangor MB Khalid already succeeded at brought down the CEO, and he believed he can clean the water company even more by not doing Langat 2. Instead of go for adding water, it was once wise to think to make water distribution more efficient by reducing water loss first (while thinking on how to get new water at cheaper price than Langat 2). But when time is no luxury, the move seems slow. 2014, MB Khalid finally resume the Langat 2 project yet the delayed already takes it toll. It is hard to fight inefficiency when it comes to governing a city-state like Selangor.

Political water conspiracy

Najib Political water conspiracy

Langat 2 No Water Joke

"While you guys arguing about a glass of water, I drank it!"
- Anonymous
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