Learn The Basic of 9 Lamb Cuts

Had a look on Malaysia's premium butcher online shop site, TheButcherShop and learned something new. There is a guide for lamb (cow / meat) cuts which none can be found in any normal smelly wet market around Malaysia. Lamb basically cuts into nine parts and there are reasons for it.

1. Shoulder
Shoulder of the lamb, derived from fourquarter is the most economical cut. Most suitable for long, slow, moist cooking to tenderize it. Quite often the shoulder is cut into chops. Lamb shoulder is often used for stew and casseroles. Ground lamb often comes from the shoulder. Boneless shoulder is usually rolled and tied or netted to maintain its shape - ideal roles for stuffing.
Preferred cooking method: Roasting, broiling, pan frying.

2.Rack/ Cutlets
Comes from the front/ middle section of the lamb, is a tender and flavoursome cuts. Suitable for roasting and grilling. Cutlets has a layer of fat and best left on when roasting as it melts and bastes the meat during cooking.
Preferred cooking method: Broiling, pan frying, roasting, grilling.

3. Loin
Usually divided into loin chops and tenderloins. Lamb tenderloin can be boned, rolled and tied or cut into loin chops. Very tender meat therefore it is an expensive and highly prized cut. Cooking time should be minimal so that it doesn't dried out. Recommended be served as medium rare or medium, never well done.
Preferred cooking method: Roasting, broiling, pan frying.

4. Tenderloin/ Fillet
Very tender with a velvety texture. Much smaller than beef tenderloins and therefore quick to cook and have a delicate flavor. Each tenderloin is usually a good portion for one person.

5. Chump / Rump
This tender cut is ideal for slicing for stir fry or cutting into ribs for kebabs. It is more tender cut than the leg and has more flavor.

6. Breast
Inexpensive rectangular-shaped cut consist of meat and rib bones. Often trimmed and sold as spareribs which contain more bone and fat than meat. Boneless breast can be stuffed with bread crumbs, rolled and braised or roasted. Can also buy ribs separately - they are great grilled and basted with a tangy-sweet vinegar sauce.
Preferred cooking method: Roasting, broiling, pan frying.

7. Leg
The leg cut is large, lean and tender and can be used whole or subdivided into smaller cuts such as topside, silverside, knuckle and rump. Can be prepared as full bone-in leg, semi bone-in leg for easier carving or boneless leg. A whole leg that has been deboned makes a compact and tidy roast and tied or netted to keep its shape. Alternatively, the leg can be cut across to produce leg lamb chops.

8. Foreshank
Best roasted or braised to release the flavor from the bone. Shanks are almost always cooked in liquid at lenght, until the meat starts separating from the bone and to break down the connective tissue. Although long slow cooking is a must, the twin rewards of flavor and unique taste are more than justified.
Preferred cooking method: Stewing, braising.

9. Hindshank
The hindshank has lot of flavor due to the meat to bone ratio. Best suited to roasting but it can also be braised.

Photo: 9 type of lamb cuts
9 Lamb cuts specialy

Photo: Some lamb cuts availabe at TheButcherShop
Lamb available at the butchery

Photo: TheButcherShop finest lamb available
Butchery Shop Finest

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