MH370: USD50,000 Advance Compensation Paid

Malaysia Airlines today already proceed with their advance of USD50,000 monetary compensation to all Chinese next of kin. In hope to give ease for any immediate money issue faced by the victim families of flight MH370. This is part of initial payment for the larger sum of RM1.45Million compensation money for each and every passanger of MH370. Every family of MH370 is now going to be a million ringgit richer with the cost of their loved one's life.

Photo: One of Malaysian MH370 Malay passanger family
MH370 family

Photo: Chinese next of kin not really able to cope with MH370 tragedy
MH370 family

Photo: Large circle of MH370 Search and Rescue (SAR)
MH370 family

"Good night Malaysian three seven zero."
- Fariq Abdul Hamid, MH370 co-pilot
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