New RM3 KLIA2 Airport Fees

KLIA2 looks great today. Sleek and have class. But while you feel happy with it, you should note that, with convenience comes some fees for you to add up to the airline travel ticket of yours. While I could not recall about today abandoned LCCT build and managed by AirAsia, it looks like there is RM3 more you need to spend per pax on MHB operated KLIA2 airport charges and fees.

KLIA2 Airport Fee 2014
- RM3
- Use of aerobridge and check in system.

Is AirAsia doing this 'silently' to show their customer how when somebody somehow got involved in their airlines operation, the 'cheap price' air travel is not going to be cheaper as it could anymore?

Photo: KLIA2 Airport Fee
KLIA2 Airport Fee

Photo: KLIA2 LCC
KLIA2 Malaysia

"Business? It's quite simple, it's other people's money."
- Alexandre Dumas
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