Budu Cap Ketereh Largest Anchovy Sauce Producer

Budu, fermented fish blend or anchovy sauce. Realized that demand for budu always there, the owner Mat Ismail, 63 (in 2014), started production of Budu Cap Ketereh in Kampung Ketil Tumpat Kelantan as early as 1978.

From a very small Perusahaan Warisan Ketereh at the back of his house using yellow ripe Ketereh (cashew) fruit graphic as his brand symbol, the anchovy souce business now officially growing into a bigger 0.8 hectares Budu Cap Ketereh production factory, grabbing the title as the largest budu producer in Malaysia.

Budu Cap Ketereh nowadays turning more than 4 tonnes of fresh anchovies into average 60,000 bottles of budu per month or 10 millions bottles per year or RM10 million in yearly sales value. Budu production peak during anchovies season, from June to November every year.

Budu Ketereh success recipe? Mix simple ingredients below in a perfect balance for six month within closed container:
- Fresh anchovies
- Sea salt
- Chilly
- Tamarind
- Sugary water

Mat Ismail is now getting the help from his four sons to manage his ever growing Budu Ketereh, also hiring more than 80 (in 2014) local workers in doing so.

Perusahaan Budu Cap Ketereh
Phone: 09-7211077 / 019-9401436 / 019-9264432
JAKIM Halal page.

Photos credit: Muhd Aiezad, Fatyn.

Budu Ketereh Geting Tumpat, Kelantan.
30 budu fermentation tanks.
Around 2000 kg budu being produced every day during anchovies season.
Bottles of budus nearly done and wrapped in cartoons.
Perusahaan Warisan Ketereh.
Range of prices for Budu Cap Ketereh, year 2017.

Update 2018: Budu Cap Ketereh now already been exported to countries eg: Thailand, Indonesia and China. As for in Malaysia, top sales unexpectedly coming from Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu.

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