I Want To Touch A Dog

20 Oct 2014 - Happy, gigles, scared, all funny faces around 'I Want To Touch A Dog' campaign at Central Park, 1 Utama Shopping Centre that aim to remove fear among god fearing Muslims in Malaysia (majority malay in race) towards man's best friend, a dog. Although it is not fully forbidden for muslim to get hold of a dog, it is seen as highly unclean, that by default has made a strong imaginary barrier between muslim and dog in Malaysia. Muslim can (by islamic book) have a dog, not as a cute pet or friend, but rather as an effective alternative to 'security guard' or 'hunting buddy'. Muslim can touch a dog when both (a human and a dog) are in dry, or else, muslim need to clean themself by later doing a sertu (islamic body cleaning and purification). The sole organizer, Syed Azmi, hope this first of its kind of event will help muslims to familiarize with dogs. However, short after, the event turned many netizen to anger as many muslim seen this kind of event as not appropriate and JAKIM as the Islamic authority in Malaysia already begin to investigate. As popular as 'I Want to Touch A Dog' can be, it also seems trying to create a new dog loving (petting dogs) sub-culture among muslims in Malaysia.

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