Penang Second Bridge Longest Bridge In SEA

Open on 1 March 2014, Penang Second Bridge is an other landmark connecting Batu Kawan (Mainland) and Batu Maung (Penang Island). 24Km in length or 20 minutes travel, worth RM4.5billion in construction. Penang Second Bridge was constructed to ease down by 25% of the rapid industrial state of Penang, at least within the next 120 years. It takes an S curve shaped to reduce traffic accidents by being bored: prevent drivers from getting drowsy, discourage speeding and improve road concentration. The 'sail' at the middle joint is similar to the old Penang Bridge, and the grandeur design of having floating restaurant and public watch towers at the middle was scraped down from the design as to make the construction cost down by -RM600million.

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