Malay DAP Syefura (Rara) Othman Against The Norm

Syefura Othman or Rara, 26 (2015), is one among three Malay Malaysian that broke the norm, joining Chinese centered DAP opposition political party in Malaysia.

Given top position, highly publicized by DAP, there she is, being a politician, working for the people. It is a rare scene in Malaysia politic, youth are being given significant role as DAP did on Rara and his young inspiring colleagues. In Rara's view, Chinese DAP as a political party is more stable, more open for younger individuals and has brighter future compared to Islamic PAS or People PKR.

Being young, instead of just working all day and night meeting with high profile persons, she likes to actively participate as a volunteer, being humanitarian, living life and taking photogenic selfies too.

One thing everybody can learn from Rara; she likes to serve the public, care for whats going on in her community, her natural activism habit being developed since early ages (accompanied her parents) so joining politic no matter in any party, is just her being herself, doing what she likes, and now being paid to do it (being people's representative in DAP) in a more elaborate way.

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