Now A Museum Johore's Grand Palace

Formerly the Grand Palace of the Johor Sultan at Johor Bahru and has turned to a royal museum since 1982 now known as Royal Abu Bakar Museum. One of the oldest building, built in year 1866. In early 1990's, His Majesty Sultan Iskandar (Johore's ruler), decided to open-up Johore's royal collection to public view, thus consented the Grand Palace into a museum. Interestingly, Royal Abu Bakar Museum still serves the traditional royal and state ceremonial functions. The museum currently filled with Johore's royal information, rare artifacts and picture gallery featuring family tree of the royal family since few decades back. Displayed in proper museum setting, the Grand Palace also includes personal memorabilia, impressive array of Orders, Decorations and Medals, rare crystal, silver, and goldwares, priceless vases, state regalia, royal trophies and family treasures in their original setting.

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