Permata by Rosmah Mansor

Permata (translate: germ) or Permata Negara programme, is an early educational programme directly managed by current wife of 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Rosmah Mansor. Every Child is Precious. Permata is one of its kind that given each child in Malaysia the opportunity to get the best start to life, the learning through play kind of programme with budget allocated of around RM711,000,000 (2015). Permata consist of widespread curriculum under;
A. Permata Negara (pre-school)
B. Permata Seni (arts)
C. Permata Insan (islamic excellency)
D. Perkasa Remaja (teenagers)
E. Sekolah Permata Pintar UKM (genius kids)
F. Permata Kurnia (Autism center)
Permata is kind of elite educational programme, initated in year 2007, exposing kids to take part and be at the center stage in all major national activities / festivals / programme, bringing 'shortcut' to the best of the world to the reach of kids. It is kind of all educational curriculum from expensive private pre-school, private school and international school combined, enhanced then given free by Permata, resulted with awesome testimonial like;
1. 9 years old kid already in pre-university.
2. Some teenagers are expected to skip school and enter university abroad.
3. World known figures meet/ teach kids.
3. World class curriculum activities.
4. Kids travel overseas etc.
It is either the world come to meet Permata, or Permata go out to reach the world.

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