Traditional Charcoal Factory in Kuala Sepetang

Charcoal factory in Kuala Sepetang Perak probably the last traditional charcoal production factory in Malaysia. Since 1950's, workers cut the logs from the nearby forest (permitted) before then float it down the riverbank / by small boats. Wooden logs used mainly mangroves trees of rhizophora apiculata / mucronata. At the jetty, charcoal factory workers still using all bare muscles to move around all the logs and debarking. Later, all ready logs are aligned carefully inside the gigantic igloo shaped oven. Nearly 11-12 boatloads of logs (14000-15000kg) inside it. To turn all the logs into perfect charcoal, the oven commonly left on fire (burning) for more than 34 days non stop at 85 degree celcius with casual check to release smoke. The cooking usually ended when one of the experienced worker approve the right smell of the cooked charcoal. Still, the cooked charcoal need an other 10 days of standby time before finally being taken out from the oven, then packaged and distributed for paying business-to-business buyers throughout Malaysia. The charcoal  factory usually made profit of approx. RM24000 (in year 2008) per oven.

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