Uber KL How To Really Ride With Style

Uber is the latest trend of commuting in Malaysia especially in KL and Klang Valley. With RM3 base fare plus subsequent charge of RM1.15 per KM and RM0.35 per minute travelled, Uber is a premium service ride with style in cars like..
A. BMW 7 series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class - UberLUX
B. Toyota Camry - UberBLACK
C. Perodua - UberX
Uber KL is totally cashless. It looks no different than common metered taxi but UBER did not double the charge (x2) on late night commuting which is much appreciated. Also, Uber KL currently give a fix rate of (for 3 to 4 passangers per ride)..
A. KL to KLIA - RM270 
B. KL to Genting - RM150
Uber KL cars already roaming around KL so it is easy to get them. But if your pickup location is outside the valley, expect 20-30 waiting time till your Uber car arrive. No scheduled pick up at the moment, but when you request a pickup, Uber KL apps will automatically assigned you to the nearest available driver. Once confirmed, Uber will give you something that will make you feel safe.
A. Name of the driver
B. Rating
C. Car model 
D. License plate number
Not just that, the driver himself will them call your phone telling you he is coming to you. When the car is close, Uber app again will alert you (within 10 minutes before arrival perhaps).

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