Malaysia Biggest Penjom Gold Mine

Penjom Gold Mine is the oldest and biggest gold producing mine in Malaysia. It is known that up to 90% of Malaysian gold are produced from mines in Kuala Lipis Pahang. Gold mining activity in Kuala Lipis was known happens since forever, but the modern Penjom Gold Mine started only from 1996, using open cut land slip method, with limited resources yet continue to grow and reached 1Moz of gold produced in 2007, 50,000 troy ounces of gold in 2012, and 57,000 troy ounces of gold in 2013.

Penjom Gold Mine maybe the largest in Malaysia, that green gold extracting facility cost about USD100million, but it was and still is, owned by foreign companies (eg: Fist British's Avocet, later in 2012 goes to Indonesian's J Resources). All of this so profitable Kuala Lipis gold containing piece of land however is expected soon be exhausted, with Penjom Gold Mine is expected to close for forever in 2017. Leaving cynical bird / swan icon gold site sign and a huge magnitude of ravaged barren land that not even a bird want to habitat in it.

Photo credits: Jennie Lim & PKNP.

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