Malaysia MYTV Digital Terrestrial TV First Test In Pahang

This is quite historic. Malaysia finally gone 100% digital. It took years of watching via paid digital HD Astro satellite tv service, before government of Malaysia finally (May 2015) stepped up by installing the new infrastructure (RTM + MYTV + TM) to provide free digital TV broadcasting service itself. MYTV is unique, it is not using cable, completely wireless, using country's first brand new tech of digital terrestrial tv system. Unline astro that using regional satellite, MYTV is using land broadcasting tower as usual, like the analogue tv, but instead of competing for limited tv broadcasting wave, MYTV is completely digital, like a big tv wifi that need a decoder or a brand new HDTV to received the digital TV signal. As to its unlimited digital tv benefit, now Malaysians can expect to watch tons (more than 90 in 2019) of new free digital TV channels rather than just only TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9, AlHijrah etc in a very short future. The below images are the first of its kind, MYTV testing its hardware by giving MYTV decoder to some rural Pahang folks. Channels are still in SD, but better than what Malaysian gets via old antenna (if you still using one).

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