Proton Saga Car 1985 Forever Glorified National Car

From bicycle and rickshaw to British and Japanese car, Malaysia begins dominating the street with its own Proton Saga car in 1985. Was launched by former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed, Saga was produced by country's first national car company Proton with the help from Mitsubishi.

Based on original 1983's Mitsubishi Fiore, Proton Saga was sold as a B segment sedan and since then receive an overwhelming support from Malaysian car consumer. The classic 1985 Proton Saga was equipped with SOH4 cylinder engine produced by Mitsubishi, offered in two variants of 1.3 liter and 1.5 liter.

The oldies driver gets two transmission choices, manual 5 speed or automatic 3 speed known as Misubishi Matic technology. Original 1985 4 doors sedan, Proton Knight / Saga Aeroback hatchback 1988, sold locally until 1989 Proton found its biggest export market, United Kingdom. In 1990, Proton Saga received an engine upgrade, the 12 Valves Orion engine was improved to 67kW, while in Malaysia, some serious under the hood takes place with Megavalve model, newly installed grill radiator, rear seatbelt, and standard third brake light.

Got it historic SAGA name from Proton national car naming competition, it was the first car to conquer the Penang Bridge (Jampatan Pulau Pinang) on its September 1985 opening day. Now if you want to see this car and its elaborate Proton automative history, there is a heyday white-painted SAGA1985-plated Proton Saga being displayed in National Museum (Muzium Negara).

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