Bukit Ibam's Blue Lake

The Malaysia's ridiculously unnatural blue-in-color lake, called Tasik Biru/ Blue Lake in Bukit Ibam, 15 minutes from Muadzam Shah Pahang.

Blue Lake of Bukit Ibam Muadzam Shah Pahang

The isolated Blue Lake is so scenic and peaceful, surrounded by grey mines deposits quarry walls and green trees and some little walkway path alongside the lake. Tasik Biru is actually an old Bukit Ibam Mine site, so the resulting water is believe to resembles the high concentration of copper suphate in it. So, while the water looks heavenly blue and you may feel tempting to swim in it, the beautiful Blue Lake is just a masking of a phenomenal known as natural degradation.

Tasik Biru Bukit Ibam
26700 Muadzam Shah, Rompin, Pahang

Photos credit: TheTravelManuel.

Bukit Ibam Blue Lake Tasik Biru Bukit Ibam Looks Bluer In This Perspective

Erman Ismadi giving a video recording view of Tasik Biru Bukit Ibam, greenery surrounding and obviously very blue lake, preserved by nature, in a remote small town location of Muadzam Shah, Pahang.

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