Bufori Malaysia's Rare Handmade Luxury Car

Bufori Motor (M) Car Company. One of the rare maiden asian luxury car, still going strong selling around 60 cars a year. Direct competitor to Rolls Royce or Ferrari with price tag of RM1.26 million each.

Bufori blend well with Malaysian colonial landscape, driven by no less than 2 sultans of Malaysia and also favorite by late YTL's billionaire Yeoh Tiong Lay. Bufori was made by a Lebanese-Australian reside in Malaysia since 27 years ago.

This is a 1930's uber classic luxury looking car with serious power of V8 engine under the hood. One of Bufori many trade secret include it's bodywork made from fabric of carbon fiber moulded together with kevlar, given Bufori body the strength of 7 times stronger than any other car.

Bufori is totally hand made with multiple customization possible, clients can be sure their car is unique eg: chinese tea sets, rear alarm, a fridge, cigar humidor, minibar, middle east shisha, name embroidery, picnic tress, multimedia system and endless other.

Currently there is only one Bufori Roadster can be found in Germany owned by Dr Gabriel Salgo. Other Buforis probably can be seen (rarely) in China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Below are some images of the latest model Bufori Geneva.

See the luxury of Bufory manufacturing, from start to finish. If you got the money to spend, you still need to be patient, waiting for at least two full years for the delivery of your handmade car.

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