Eco Friendly BRT-Laluan Sunway

What happens when you connect two train lines of KTM Komuter and USJ7 LRT. The center area becoming congested each day. Now it became a problem, 500,000 person in/out the area each day. So instead of making new train lines, the city solved it alltogether by introducing a sideline connection with also fully elevated track, for buses only. For the first time in Malaysia (starting June 1, 2015), the bleeding Bandar Sunway and Subang Jaya traffic problem is expected to heal significantly with BRT-Laluan Sunway. This RM634million project of BRT-Laluan Sunway consist of 5.4 km of elevated bus road, 7 elevated bus stations and 15 fleet of 67 seater battery operated electric buses, that can serve 2,400-5,200 passangers each our. The BRT means Bus Rapid Transit. The buses can travel rapidly/ quickly than usual because of no other transport on its way, not speeding like crazy.

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