Empty 'Haunted' Highland Towers

Visuals by Projekt OFO around two abandoned (now gated) haunted Highland Towers. Highland Towers (Taman Hillview, Ulu Klang Selangor) was well known first high rise tragedy ever happened in Malaysia, in 1993, took 48 souls with it. Since the collapsed tragedy, 'Highland Towers' was and still is considered as very dark haunted hilltop place in Malaysia. Now Highland Tower was left empty and gated, with no outsiders entrance allowed. Visuals showed two 12-storeys Highland Towers' condominium building that still standing (out of three), look so dreary under broad daylight and completely scary at night. No ghost spotted but the team that captures these images left their drones in a car after the 'shooting' for a day or two, out of fear if (in case if) there probably some ghost followed their drones.

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