Epic Pokemon Battle Najib Vs Mahathir

If you are into latest Malaysian politic, here is what it goes (early 2015 till June 2015). Youtube user ShilleNide uploaded a video of an epic battle between PM Najib vs former PM Tun Mahathir.

The battle took place right after PM Najib escaped PWTC, walked passed San Miguel and found a nice ring on the road. It was a trap placed by Tun Mahathir. Since in the game, PM Najib can't run from Tun Mahathir, Najib choose some of the fights available such as BR1M, Maslan and KBAB.

But everything goes counter effective as Tun Mahathir fierly attacked back using 1MDB Questions, Twitter post and an Economic Book to dodge Maslan. Since life goes short, PM Najib open his Bag, took out Cincin Permata among other Obama's gift available. Cincin Permata actually was like a genie jar, his wife Malaysia first lady Rosmah Mansor came to rescue.

Unexpected as he was, Tun M seems unprepared! fight continues though... to be continued in the video below.

Amusing as it is, play the whole video of this epic pokemon fight between the two most prominent figures in Malaysia, the former sifu Tun Mahathir and his protegee Najib Razak.

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