Missing Orkim Harmony Oil Tanker Found Later As Kim Harmon

Why Malaysia keep missing moving things? Latest missing without distressed signal inventory now included the 7300dwt Orkim Harmony, a 'small' oil tanker on June 11th, 2015 at about 30 nautical miles from Tanjung Sedili port in Johor on its route to Kuantan port. Orkim Harmony was on its way to distribute Petronas' 6,000 metric tonnes / 50,000 barrels / RM21 million worth of refined RON95 gasoline. On board were crews of 22 consists of 16 Malaysians, five Indonesians and one Myanmar national. Orkim Harmony was later found somewhere near Cambodian-Vietnam waters after some lead given by Australian aircraft. At its arrival, the oil vessel already changed its name by the all amateur Indonesian pirates to Kim Harmon. This was the second oil tanker missing on the same route on in a month, and this time, the precious oil not yet stolen just because the refined gasoline in Orkim Harmony was highly inflammable and those amateur pirates did not had a proper plan on getting a proper facility to enable the ship-to-ship oil transfer. Southeast Asian waters are now the world's most piracy-prone area.

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