Hobbit House of Pasir Puteh Kelantan

A family in Pasir Puteh Kelantan, in front and inside their unique hobbit home. The couple actually own a wooden house there but the wood panel always deteriorates over time. So some day the husband told his wife that he wanted to eliminate the problem once and for all. They agreed to plant a type of 'surface covering plant' locally known as 'paddy tree'. Since then, the paddy tree grows and cover the house, mimicking the 'hobbit' house of the dwarfs from the famous J.R.R. Tolkien's fiction novel / Hollywood movie 'The Hobbit'. This hobbit home is pretty much like other wooden houses there from the inside, except that now it is all covered by green 'paddy tree', that somehow strenghten the structure of the house, and also give the chilling cool effect for the resident who live inside it. Yes, no aircond necessary maybe inside it. Well this hobbit home of Pasir Puteh is now quite famous, and somehow being the house used for some wedding couples to finalize their 'outdoor photoshoot' memories or seeks by some tourist for a chance of unique 'hobbit house' selfie.

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