Behorld.. Milo Dinosaur, Magic Milo and Milo Godzilla!

Milo, is a pretty much no. 1 malted drink and cocoa drink in Malaysia. Years of humble only add water with additional sugar or milk, Milo now is known more than just as a necessity hot/cold cocoa drink. Famous for consumption among athletic and feeling full (stomach), now Milo is more than that, loved by many as well as coach potato alike. Through creativity and creativity among consumers, Malaysian came up with Milo Dinosaur. First (1/3 cup of Milo powder + 2 tablespoon sugar + 1.5 cup warm milk) stir using a spoon and pour everything into a glass full with ice cubes, top sprinkled with good heap of Milo powder then you'll get Milo Dinosaur. Milo Dinosaur is perhaps the most delicious dinosaur to ever roam the earth. But but but wait, along with it, there are Magic Milo. Magic Milo is tailored for hot chocolate drinker. Instead of stir everything using a spoon, we need to froth it (or shake it really hard in a closed jar), to form bubbles that later shows some significant two layers of Magic Milo with bubbles on top of it. Dust a bit of Milo on top as well. But there is also the third batch of invention, called Milo Godzilla, this one is obviously rich and huge. Instead of pour the Milo mixture into a cup full of ices, change it into 2 scoop of vanilla ice creams, add a float of Milo on top and finished it up with a handsome swirl of whipping cream. So there are, Milo Dinosaur, Magic Milo and Milo Godzilla, tasty for thirsty Malaysian Milo drinkers.

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