Mount Kinabalu Southeast Asia Highest Peak

Some perspective on the famous 4,095 metres in heigh of Mount Kinabalu. Mount Kinabalu is the highest land mass on wider 75km in length of Borneo's Crocker Range (Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage site) run along northeast-southwest axis in west coast of Sabah. To scale this Mount Kinabalu, climbers must be accompanied by official mount guides as part of Kinabalu Park regulations. There are two main starting points: the Timpohan Gate at 1,866 metres altitude (5,5km from national park hq) and Mesilau Nature Resort. Mount Kinabalu can be climbed in one day or hikers normally rest at Laban Rata Resthouse at 2,270 metres altitude, then complete the ascending and ascending on the next day (2 days 1 night trip). Mount Kinabalu Low's Peak can be climbed easy by any hikers in good physical condition. There is no need for mountaineering equipment at any point on the main trail. Other peaks along the mountain mass however demand some physical rock climbing skills.
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