Cracks & Broken Ranau Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake

Cracked concrete buildings, broken supporting pillars, shattered glass doors, ceiling drops, earthquake lines etc. Aftermath of recent Ranau Sabah earthquake early this morning (June 5th, 2015). The eartquake happens for 15 seconds at 7:15am as the result of magnitude 5.9 16km Ranau northwest. No tsunami sirens activated. While there seems no fatality involved, Sabahan (and Malaysia as a whole) actually not ready for any kind of earthquake in the region. Fallen mountain rocks however trapped more than hundred hikers (109-105 person estimate) stranded at the top ground of the famous Mount Kinabalu, unable to relocate themselves to a safer ground. Four out of many hikers injured. Last image (one on the after: right) shows Mount Kinabalu's tip known as Donkey Ears Peak that is from now on a bit leaning to the right and seems shorter as well.

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