Royal Terengganu Istana Syarqiyyah Malaysia Most Surreal Palace Ever

Istana Syarqiyyah (The Eastern Palace) in Bukit Chendering, Terengganu probably now the most beautiful palace complex among all palaces ever built in Malaysia.

Completed June 2015, Istana Syarqiyyah shows nice mix between traditional Terengganu elements, middle-eastern/ Moroccan Islamic culture and modern taste of Terengganu royals.

Syarqiyyah means Eastern Germ, this beautiful "Disney Castle" is the palace for 17th and current Sultan of Terengganu, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin. Bil Bensley, the designer, devoted almost 12 years in designing Istana Syarqiyyah RM1billion architectural wonder, to be the one-of-its-kind Islamic-themed palace and royal residence in Malaysia.

Istana Syarqiyyah have everything in check, created in grandeur scale of 100 different exquisitely designed rooms. Main suites includes balai istiadat, istana kediaman, balai Islam, balai nobat, administration block, guardsmen block, banquet hall and utility block. Then there are also surau, roads, a bridge and car parks for 480 vehicles.

Photos credit: Bill Bensley.

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