Rooftop PV Solar Panels That Sells Electricity

FitSolarPlan in process of installing imported Hanhwa solar photovoltaic panels from South Korea onto the rooftop of one customer residence in Taman Bukit Indah, Penang. The lorry carrying solar panels arrived, then they offload the solar panels. They used crane to lift up the solar panels up to the installation area on the roof, it is much safer this way. While some four workers installing the expensive solar panels on the roof, other electrician was busy screwing an inverter box, fuse box and a plot ready for TNB meter. This is sort of new investment for people with extra cash in hand. Solar panels installation probably cost a little higher than RM50,000. But the reap benefit is somehow much better. Installed solar panels can produce around RM705-1692 worth of electricity each months (16-20% ROI), and TNB (under approved SEDA Feed-in-Tariff and TNB  Renewable Energy Power Purchasing Agreement contracts) always ready to buy your excess solar-panels-generated electricity for 21 years.

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