Thirst Crunch 'Sirap Bandung' Perfected

Pink 'Sirap Bandung' made out of red rose syrup mixed with nice amount of milk and ice cubes should not be too straightforward and bored you out. Explore a little bit around the art of mixing ingredients, and our simple ice water like Sirap Bandung also can be a a real thirst cruncher and satisfying drink ones could ever want to drink. Maybe we can start with bland rose syrup + sugar mamak style known as ICE SYRUP. Then add in milk, so it is know can be called ICE BANDUNG. Later add in something fancy black cincau, you got your CINCAU BANDUNG. Oh wait, how about you filter the cincau away, add in soda from a can, yes SODA BANDUNG indeed. Going for more fancier than this? add in gula melaka or brown sugar at the base of the cup to show it as 3 LAYERS BANDUNG. Ahh for some, the just love to top with ice cream hence the drink be SODA BANDUNG FLOAT. Some is not a teenager anymore, so adult like to drink simple bandung with luxurious basic ice bandung plus hazelnut topped with grapefruit = GRAPEFRUIT BANDUNG.

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