Hungry at KLIA2? 50 Food & Beverages' Shops

KLIA2 (or KLIA 2 or Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2) is an airport with probably the biggest airport mall in the world. In total, KLIA2 have 225 retail shop lots for any airline passengers to indulge themselves before then proceed to any departure gate. Okay, while you can get almost any brand in KLIA2, most of us airline passangers only love to fill our stomach and clear our thirst, so here are nearly 45-50 food and beverages brand available inside the KLIA2 shopping mall.

Auntie Anne's (pretzels) Austin Chase Coffee Baskin Robbins Be Lohas Vegetarian Cuisine (healthy meals) Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom Boost Juice (fruit smoothies) Bread Story (designer breads) Burger King Canai 15 Café (upper class mamak, ais kacang) Chef Chow by D'f.i.s.h. (Malaysia’s favourite and comfort foods) Cornet (ice cream bread) Famous Amos Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie (french bread / pastries) Fidani Chocolates Gloria Jean's Coffees Gong Cha (bubble tea) Hometown Hainan Coffee House of Mini (japanese mini pastries) Kenny Rogers Roasters KFC Kluang Café (malay kopitiam) Marrybrown McCafe McDonald's Melur & Thyme (nasi kerabu, curry mee, sandwiches) Mr. Siew Bao (chinese pastries) Nando's Nanny's Pavillon (french american pancakes) Nanyang Food Garden Nyonya Colors (nyonya kueh, desserts, meals) NZ Curry House (seasonal changed curries) Old Town White Coffee Pastamania (italian spaghetti) Quizinn by RASA Food Court (17 stalls serving 300 menus eg: nasi kandar, nasi campur) Ramenten (asian noodles) Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks (taipei's street food) Starbucks Coffee Sticky House (australian candy, confectioners) Subway Super Puff  (pies, puff pastries, breads) Texas Chicken The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Uncle 'K' (international meals, western, indonesian, malaysian, indian, chinese, thai, arabian) Wendy's Yogen Fruz (frozen yougurt).

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