Malaysia Welcome Small 'Giant Panda' Baby In A Record Time

The very first sight of Zoo Negara giant panda newborn baby / cub. The giant panda leased from China at the expense of USD1million per year, namely Liang Liang naturally gave birth to the female cub weighing 175g, 20cm in lenght at around 1.45pm inside their RM25million panda conservation complex inside Zoo Negara on August 18th, 2015. Liang Liang was very protective, and Zoo Negara keeper only able to steal the now infamous curb for a mere short of four minutes before gave it back to its mother. Born bare skin, pinkish with quite few thin white fur, giant panda newborn like this one is so small only expected to grow a distinctive giant panda fur of black and white after a month and the caring giant panda mother like Liang Liang is expected to care for such baby 24/7 for a complete two straight months while the daddy, Xing Xing only busy consuming lots of bamboos as usual.

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