Batman & DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

Well Malaysian, there are two places where you can finally tracked down our dark knight superhero, no not batcave no more, superheros seems adapting with the urban environment as well. Look out for an outlet in Sunway Pyramid or Pavilion. These are the place where you can see the might of superman costumes, batman armored cars or grab everything about DC Comics official merchandise. Operated by JT Network, DC Comics Super Heroes Malaysia not just offers tees and caps and keychains but bottled water with superhero logo, Batman pizzas, Wonder Woman turkey rolls, Green Arrow mint tea, Black-bunned Dark Knight burger, Batman Hawaiian pizza, Superman cappuccino, Bat coffee, Bat cakes, Aquaman Justice Jumbo Prawn Cocktail ,Superman Man of Steel BBQ Chicken Burritos, superheroes themed gelatos, sugar candy and more. While we all knew that in DC Comics universe, villains always fights superheroes, and most superheroes also doesn't love each other very much, but when it come to retail store and food kiosk, everyone of them seems in synergy to take money out of patrons' (the fans) pocket.

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