Cafe. Vape Bar. Games: Huff N Puff

Quiet a phenomenal how vape / vaping quickly gaining popularity among urban young adult in Malaysia. So now, everybody starting to stop smoking and vape instead, smoking in style. Urban legend says vape is healthier (reduced harm with less nicotine in it, non carcinogen nicotine) than other tobacco products eg: cigarettes, cigar or shisha. Well, vape bars / lounges somehow also being established following the pop culture in the city and here is Huff N Puff. A dark themed / chillax style vape bar inviting everybody either singles, couples, married couples or even a baby if your parents brings you in. Huff N Puff at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya really put the new concept cafe which integrates elements like cafe, board games, pool, vaping and a kickass hangout joint altogether, and everything works fine since 2013.

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