Doomsday Dark Clouds Over Kota Bharu

Menacing dark 'doomsday' clouds appear above Kota Bharu on 21st August, 2015. Brooding clouds like this is unusual even for Kota Bharu that always got hit by seasonal stormy winds from the sea. According to Met Malaysia, this brooding 'shelf' clouds darkening the sky is known as an oblivion clouds / storm 'Garis Badai' that brought with it heavy rains, stormy winds and sometimes thunderstorms that could last for hours. This stormy clouds above Kota Bharu appears in between 5pm to 6pm, originated from the occurrence of heavy storm in Philippines, moving over Kedah to Kelantan towards the South China Sea. In Kota Bharu, the moving dark clouds lasted only for an hour before nicely ended with rainbows and clear sky showering the capital town.

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