KTMB 22115 Kuala Lipis

Trainspotting by Searail on one of the longest surviving KTMB 22-class diesel electric locomotive with its own locomotive number '22115 Kuala Lipis'. First entered the country railways service in 1971, along with total 40 others 22-class locomotives imported from English Electric, Birmingham, England. KTMB class 22115 Kuala Lipis and all other 22-class 'belukang fish shaped' was favoured among maintenance staff because it was easy to maintain, simple, clean engine layout and exceptional performance. Now, none of 22-class loco is active under KTMB livery, significant numbers were left abandoned, others to metal srappers, but few got life prolonged (paint/ shape/ id numbers changed) sold to Emrail, the railway construction/ maintainance company. 22115 no longer hauling passenger trains except once in a while, when the unavoidable emergency struck, and when it do shunting, everybody can hear its unique engine chuck sound with smokes releases above its head, like a real old monster.

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