Monumen Alaf Baru / Millennium Monument

Millennium Monument that stand 68m tall on 25 hectare park at Precint 2 Putrajaya, is an obelisk with 142 "batik" glass panels/ etchings denoting some concise historic moments in Malaysia from year 1400 to 2000. Hence visitors at the Millennium Monument can learn something about the land of Malaysia from the Parameswaran era to the modern millennial age of Malaysia, the stories, struggles and archievements, in between those years. Millennium Monument basically a rocket or pen-like metal structure, painted in "tepak sireh" gold color, with Rukun Negara embossed from the middle to bottom, with high beacon lights at the tip of it, acting just like a dummy lighthouse or obelisk around the world. Images from TulisanMaya.

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