'Little Children on a Bicycle' and Other Murals Around Georgetown

2012 Penang’s Georgetown Festival definitely over for years. But the murals (compiled by OnlyPenang) painted by the Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic, remained intact. His street murals/ arts along Georgetown includes the famous (among 15 most favorite murals by The Guardian UK out of 378 submitted) 'Little Children on a Bicycle' at the Armenian Street, a big 'Ernest's neighbour' at the walls of Armenian Street Art Cafe, 'Little Girl in Blue' at Munti Street, 'Children in a Boat' at Chew Jetty, 'Boy on a Bike' and 'Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur' both at Ah Quee Street, 'Reaching Up' at Cannon Street and 'The Awaiting Trishaw Paddler' by Desmond Yeo at Penang Street. The mural that replicated a photograph of penangite siblings Tan Yi and Tan Kern on Ernet's bicycle 'Little Children on A Bicycle'recently (August 2015) has been vandalized again this time by some unknown Bersih 4.0 fanatic, but then repaired by Thomas Powell.

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