Off-Duty KD Rahmat Warship

Previously the pride of Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM), KD Rahmat, the 'general purposes frigate' warship now is forever anchored at the bank of Dinding River, Lumut Perak. This he 1,250-tonne frigate class warship, is 93.8m long and 10.3m wide, was decommissioned in 2004 after nearly 33 years of active service. Turned into a warship museum, open to public from year 2011. Most of valuable and complicated war equipment on board of KD Rahmat (like its first in the region surface to air missile system) however was removed as to serve as training aids for TLDM personnel. As a floating warship museum, KD Rahmat can take up to 120 people on board, but limit to 70 persons for better comfort. KD Rahmat Warship Museum opens daily from 10am to 6pm but for some adventurous soul, it also provide rental dormitory at a cost of RM50 per night. Attractions includes Thana Hall (the briefing room), blue sofa's 24 hours ward room, The Bridge (command center), front 4.5" MK V Gun, The Galley (kitchen) and Wisma Bintara (dining/ mess room). Images by Ex Rahmat Museum.

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