What's So Special About Proton Iriz / Features

Made for young at heart, everybody knew Proton Iriz is outfitted with trendy bodywork, fashionable spacious interior, but for so long, Proton Iriz is now seems the only modern Proton car that started to follow the all new features offered by latest automobile standard to win back the new generation drivers in Malaysia. Proton Iriz probably look the same, but consumer has eight Iriz variants to choose from 1.3 Liter Executive Manual to 1.6 Liter Premium CBT.

Proton IRIZ stering interior black front seat
1. Styling
Proton Iriz is got a modern and advanced new design, outfitted with bodykit, rear spoilers and sideskirts for younger drivers. Proton Iriz looks compact but also offers spacious usable space (interior/ baggage trunk) from all seven vibrant colors to choose from.

2. Engines & Handling
Proton Iriz has Proton own production engine, the VVT Engine that gives Proton Iriz more power and better fuel efficiency. With that, expect the similar harmony in steering power, so now Proton Iriz can be confident with easy handling that is safe and overall superb driving experience.

3. International Safety
Proton Iriz came with so many safety features that clearly beat any other car on its class. Proton Iriz is the only 5-Star ASEAN NCAP rating in the country, comes with 6 airbags on front, side and curtains, hidden reinforced body structure 5 times stronger than normal galvanized steel. When something bad really seems unavoidable, Proton Iriz tries to give control on critical seconds by activating VDC, ESC, TCS, ABS  by reduces engine speed and brakes pressure as much as controlling under/oversteer with better traction control to prevent acciden. Proton Iriz also learned and managed to eliminate most of everyday driving challenge includes quick braking (BA), uphill downsliding, door got stuck after impact, rear/whiplash injury, all seater 3 points seatbelts.

4. Smart Technoloqies
Proton Iriz now fancy with most modern in automotive perks including 'engine start' button, keyless door system, android touchsreen infotainment system + GPS + Bluetooth, multi function all control from steering wheel, auto fold side mirrors in small space, smart lights so you do not need to care about on/off or brightness of your car headlamp anymore and rear view camera make parking in tight places a breeze.

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