Anjung Singgah Sheltering JB Homeless

Johor Bahru is a vibrant city. Being next to Singapore really pushed Johor Bahru waterfront or so called Iskandar Malaysia to quickly touching the sky with mega building projects here and there. However, when modernization becoming so fast, some lowest social group in the city suddenly seeing their life thrown away. Like any city in Malaysia, we all can see some people curl up under bridges, sleep on sidewalks / dark corners. It is sad to see how the real reality hit these homeless people, clearly can't afford any roof above their head. Lucky for them anyway, the city council approved Anjung Singgah introduced by Yayasan Kebajikan Negara (YKN) Malaysia. Anjung Singgah YKN was there now to give space and opportunity for homeless in Johor Bahru to feel loved, and hopefully can lure them towards being independent towards themselves. Anjung Singgah YKN provides many basic but most needed by the homeless including temporary dormitory to stay / rest, pantry hall/ kitchen for eat and drinks, and lavatory to wash themselves and their dirty clothes. Provided free of charge, any individuals or corporate entity are welcome to come along help the homeless in the city as part of being caring Malaysian / decent humanity.

Photos of simply modern Anjung Singgah at Jalan Singget Johor Bahru, operated by National Welfare Foundation Malaysia (NWFM). Any homeless just need to flash their Malaysian ID and can check-in for up to two weeks. For the time being, the four storey Anjung Singgah has been a temporary shelter for 10 to 40 homeless.

Mini report/ documentary on Anjung Singgah by LK1M. Anjung Singgah helps these homeless by giving free counseling, feed them three times a day and even assists them to secure permanent job.

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