Asia Biggest Zouk Superclub Kuala Lumpur

TREC entertainment hub or Tun Razak Entertainment Centre, home for the new Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur, 2015. Zouk KL is currently the 38th best clubs in the world, and in TREC, Zouk Kuala Lumpur is now entitled as the largest nightclub or superclub in Asia.

Zouk Superclub KL grand opening fireworks

With the construction cost of RM38million, Zouk KL is definitely the most expansive club ever built in Malaysia. The new Zouk KL is an exciting superclub with such varieties of experiences. More outlets, very unique focus experiences, some of the rooms are much larger and more interestingly finished. Lot of variety going on eg: interior material reality, lighting, special effects. New thing installed such as large parking space, private lifts, VIP concierge, medical bay and many amenities eg: the 'free pass' tourist lane.

Video of Philips Connor, a good friend of Zouk KL owner, an architect that design this new Zouk superclub Kuala Lumpur.

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