Australian HMAS Sheean Submarine Surprisingly Surfaced at Penang Waters

Australian fifth Collins Class Submarine/ navy submarine HMAS Sheean makes quite a shocking surface this morning, 28th Sept 2015, when the black submarine bringing 60 crews made an appearance to the awe hundreds of Penang ferry passengers. The HMAS Sheean is currently taking a break in Butterworth container terminal / Sultan Abdul Halim Freight Terminal, before going to dive again on 2nd Oct 2015, sail towards Sabah undetected, then will make an operations call on Sabah from Oct 8 to Oct 12 for training with KD Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) on Oct 12 and Oct 13 respectively. HMAS Sheean is 77.8m long and 7.8m wide, armed with guided surface-to-air missiles, sub-surface guided torpedoes and mines, and has a surface range of 11,500 nautical miles and a dived range of 400 nautical miles.

The news video about this rare chance of seeing Australian Navy HMAS Sheean submarine right at Penang dockyard.

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