Becoming A Pilot at APFT Kota Bharu

Being a pilot seems cool, and school leavers in Malaysia now seems aware about the popularity and opportunity of getting the airworthy pilot wing badge to mark the sky by becoming a pilot for Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia or Malindo Air. But every job like a pilot has to start somewhere. At APFT Kota Bharu for example, students submit themselves into the DCA Malaysia Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) course, a full-time cadet pilot programme recognized by International Civil Aviation Org., accredited by Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia. The course is to realize students dream of becoming a pilot, located within a fully-operated airport of Sultan Ismail Kota Petra Airport. Training cadet pilot requires a lot of attention and class hours are kept to minimum. Many instructors and assistant flying instructors are experienced and care about students future, most has held high position in civil aviation industry. To eliminate risk, cadet pilot usually learn many hours flying in virtual cockpit simulation. Then cadet pilot can progress to the APFT hangar, where pre-flight checking on aircraft knowledge is surely useful and then, with the approval of airport traffic controller, cadet pilot may proceed to departure, flying many hours while perfecting own skill in becoming a pilot aided by crucial instrument landing system and radio navigation available.

Piloting an aircraft simulation at APFT kota bharu Malaysia

Passed the minimum requirements of 5 credits in SPM, get the letter of approval from DCA Malaysia, passed medical examination, good eyesigths with 6/60 without optical aid and proficient in English. Then up up, realise your dream of becoming a pilot at APFT Kota Bharu, in the East Coast of Malaysia.

Video by cadet pilot WanWan doing his first solo flight from the APFT tarmac, up leaving Sultan Ismail Petra Airport flying towards and around the city of Kota Bharu Kelantan.

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