Pengkalan Kubor Exit to Tak Bai / Thailand

A Golok River border crossing pictorial guide on exiting Malaysia to Tak Bai (Thailand) and beyond via Pengkalan Kubor-Tak Bai border by MCo or here. Since the is no bridge over the Golok River in between those two exit/entering points, most of border crossing done by short 15 minutes boat/ ferry trip. However, the process of doing customs clearance, queing for ferry etc takes more than that, 30 minutes on usual days and customs office always closed at 6pm on both sides, so expect to do an early trip schedule.

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The border crossing starts by entering the 'Exit to Thailand' gate on Pengkalan Kubor custom building, it takes some car queuing towards the jetty. Just before that, you must do customs routine at the small 'Immigration Checking' counter. After that, when the ferry arrived, you are allowed to drive through under the 'Bon Voyage' gate, straight up to the ferry. The ferry usually so small, only takes around 9 cars, enjoy the journey while their workers come asking for money/gave ferry tickets. Upon arrival at Tak Bai side, do park your car before the exit gate of Tak Bai customs area, enter the only customs building to do some Thai customs checking eg: passport stamping, filling car customs clearance form, pay for some minimum 3 months Thailand temporary car insurance. Done! drive under and over the Tak Bai customs exit gate 'Welcome to Thailand'.

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