Not Just A Mere Taxi, It is Ferrari 488

Klang valley patrons seems luckier day by day. This is the second time, somebody happens to get a ride on a supercar, at a normal cost of a mere humble taxi trip. Taxing from A to B sometimes seems going better for someone lucky. Either it is a campaign or whatever, Ferrari 488 as a taxi for anybody means fun and quiet an experience for all, bet everybody want to get in.

Images by PrudentialMy, red Ferrari 488 taxi taking some passenger, some unexpected men and woman and elderly, getting more than what they expected when they signed-up for their normal taxi ride. PRUvalue med - the plan that offers you more than what you expect.

The video of glossy red Ferrari 488 taking unsuspected passengers, their 'in-denial', enjoyable moments etc around Klang Valley / Kuala Lumpur.

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