Inside Microsoft KL Office at KLCC Tower 3

Lets take a look at glorious office of Windows and Office and Bing? owner, Microsoft Kuala Lumpur (KL) at Menara 3, Kuala Lumpur. Since 2013 Microsoft KL moved their headquarter office to the iconic place of KLCC, so expect the interior to be as glorious as the office address. Designed following Microsoft’s Workplace Advantage Programme, the KL office reflects Microsoft aim on empowering employees through new work environments to foster innovation and productivity, also reflect the Microsoft's culture and position in the marketplace as a visionary computer technology leader. Microsoft KL office definitely modern, vibrant and high tech with non-hierarchical/ non-territorial open space without eliminating the local Malaysian value/ preferences/design elements. No specific desk for anybody, so all Microsoft KL employees can work at any work-space they deem suit, and freely communicate without border or easily 'do meeting' at anywhere within the office space assist by Lync Enterprise Voice.

Microsoft Malaysia Kuala Lumpur HQ

Photos of what it is looks like to code without sleep and/or running errant inside Microsoft Malaysia KL Office HQ.

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