Malaysia Airlines A380 from Kuala Lumpur to London

A glimpse of an experience inside the Malaysian Airlines MH 4, A380, from Kuala Lumpur to London. The Malaysian Airlines superjumbo flight has two deck. The flight has two rows for 8 open suites first class, then the whole 3 hull compartment main economy class deck connected to upper deck via rear spiral staircases lead to an other compartment of economy class seatings, total 420 seatings. The the whole from middle to the front upper deck for 66 flat beds of business class and 12 stata / pigeon holes for their friendly cabin crews. The LCD screen provides all necessary info / entertainments, Malaysian Airlines with all the necessary magazines eg: GoingPlaces, serves a welcome drinks, then a pack of SkySnax in between two main servings. The plane also got a snack bar right next to the stairs on the front.

Malaysia Airlines A380 MH4 to London taking passangers

62 extensive trip photos from FrugalTafe from his upper deck economy class 35K window seat, Airbus A380-841 MH 004 from KLIA to Heathrow that takes 13:17 hours, 10615km. Flying straight above India, Caspian Sea, Kiev (10 months before 2014 Ukrainian War started), etc.

Here is the full video of the trip. From KLIA boarding the plane, getting seated, plane departures, having some meals, an exclusive A380 tour by Malaysian Airlines' stewardess, seeing/greeting the cabin crew doing their job, playing with the GPS routes, seeing the Heathrow plane landing right before the passanger LCD screen.

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